What a day

I got up as usual at 6 am, no plans for the day.   I am going to take it easy, brew myself a pot of tea and sip ever so slowly so that I can enjoy the warmth and the sweet aroma of its scent.

“Knock, knock”,  I jumped up and the tea spilled all over my pants.   Who could be calling so soon, it wasn’t even 7.   I peeped through the shutters and there was my daughter- in-law standing at my door.   I could not speak,  I tried to but nothing came out.  She knocked again and I answered, what’s wrong.

Does anything have to be wrong for me to visit my mother-in-law.  I just wanted us to have a day together with each other, I think it would build a level of trust between us.

I asked her if she had anything planned, she said yes, let’s go to the mall.   I changed, got my bag and we went on our shopping spree.  I could not believe that you can be measured for a bra.    I tried clothes on until my feet grew tired.  She was so attentive to me.   I had a new appreciation for her.   What a difference a day makes.

© Norma Bobb-Semple 2015

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