Know thyself

    We have to be conscious of who we are, and where we are, at all times.  Without knowing who we are, our values, and what our expectations are, we can find ourselves making alignments and decisions without being true to ourselves.   Self excavation is good,  in doing this exercise we can separate […]


    We are in arrears of the debt we owe to Mother Earth.  Instead of plundering the source that sustains us we ought to express our gratitude by putting an end to our incessant greed, taking and not sustaining.    We all die but we owe it to the next generation to leave an […]


    Does being grown have anything to do with maturity, I think not.   If you are not independent and financially stable don’t boast about being grown.   When the choices you make do not contribute to your educational, health or emotional goals your journey spirals downwards and you will find yourself in the […]


  In order to deem ourselves exclusive and worthy of exemptions we have to inherently work within the guidelines of marginalization and exploitation.  All of us are born into greatness.  No one is greater than the other.  If we consider ourselves intelligent and moral we would recognize our common humanity and work towards eliminating all […]


    Grief, especially when it is caused by death can be debilitating.  We ask the question:  Why me?  We aren’t singled out for pain and misery.   As long as we are alive, joy, love, happiness, health, sickness and death occurs although not in that order.   Life ends in what we call death. […]


    Eye sight is not all there is to seeing.   It is the insight that we receive all the time and refuse to follow that saves us from despair.  Let us remember to create a space in our lives for quiet contemplation and revelation.  We are more that flesh and blood, we are […]


  Self questioning should be the norm.  Before we commit to an action, people or situations we should ask of ourselves:  “Am I committing because my conscience speaks to me, and therefore I am serving my fellow man and sentient beings, or am I committed to act because of greed and gluttony”.    Ask not […]


  There are times in our lives when we practice contorting and self flagging in order to free ourselves from the situations that create a divide between us and our divinity.   We are all born with the freedom to choose, but societal indoctrination into a class system and forms of worship are causing many […]


Creativity dwells within us.  It is our divine inheritance.  Don’t allow it to go fallow, as you use it, it increases.  Your gift does not negate the gift of another’s and vice versa.  Remember we are all contributors in this our divine experience.  Let us all be a light that exudes goodness in all the […]