Integrity is like a mast on a ship without it you drift no place to go standing still like a moat. The things we do mirrors who we are. Why would I need a camouflage when I wear my own badge respect, decency, self love and integrity. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2015


Although this                        road is                                          sorrows road With                                   […]

The revelation

I couldn’t ask for more his hugs were tight his kisses warm he said I was the only one who he embraced there was no other and then when one day he was gone I found out that just as the breath we breathe his life was consummate to a trail of lies If only […]

The feeling

I go for walks every day in the park where all I see  are rabbits and deers I dare not speak a word for they cannot respond and if through the sounds they make they are trying to communicate I too am suffering from the need to understand – we are all one. © Norma […]


  Gifts can be wrapped in paper With glitter and ribbon I hold it and shake it Can’t wait to unwrap it Like a surgeon with a scalpel Taking hold of a knife I got rid of the trappings that stood between me and my gift © Norma Bobb-Semple 2015    

What the future holds for me

My intention is to create memorable moments in my life.   To live in the moment and not to take anything in a personal way.  To remember that I am both the student and the teacher and to treat every experience as a learning experience.   I am determined to act in all situations for […]


We have to exercise discretion in our interaction with people on a daily basis.  Don’t say anything to someone that you would not like another person saying to you.  Be compassionate and remember that we all make mistakes.  Don’t ask for forgiveness when your actions were premeditated.  Think before you act. We have to be […]