You can be living in a home but still feel lost, due in part to the non connectivity between husband and wife or between siblings.  Some people trade affection in the same way they reward their dog with a treat for doing a trick.  We aren’t inanimate objects.  We are conduits of love and […]

Are we the Body we Occupy

  Our work here is one of inclusiveness.  We can’t change our lives for good and the good of this Earth if we practice individualism.  Greed and appropriation is beneficial to one and excludes everyone else.  Death is a great teacher.  When we die we are rendered to dust: money, influence and all the other […]


    We need to be aware that the people we surround ourselves with might not be as interested in our welfare as we assume they are.  Unless we interview them as to their objectives in life, and analyze their answers we might not be able to grasp what their true intentions are.  A lot of […]

Recycling of the Past

We sometimes ask ourselves:   “If only there was a book to solve my present problem.”  The answers are steeped in our oral and or written history, pay attention to your oral history and read.  Everything occurring in the now is a recycling of the past. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020  

Be guided

  Always be guided by: “Would I treat myself the way I am being treated?”  If you have to tiptoe around the people who you hold nearest and dearest to you then consider whether they are worth your attention and devotion?  The bank does a credit check on you before approving a loan, use the […]

Idea of Scarcity

  We are programmed to believe in the idea of scarcity.  We fail to see that there is no scarcity but that it is the hoarding of resources that beleaguer this Universe. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

Eye balling it

Photo credited to Pexels.com Everything that occurs in our sphere is dependent on the energy we give it.   We have to look at every situation we face and make a choice as to whether it is deserving of our expending our energy on.We are only responsible for our own decisions and actions.  Our eyes should […]

Life’s Quest

Photo credited to Pexels.com The answer to life’s quest is not indicative to the focus of our vision, it is within us.  Relying on our inner consciousness brings clarity and meaning to every situation we encounter. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020