The End

Today 2020 ends. Nothing lasts forever. Everything that happened this year whether it was bad or good teaches us something about ourselves. We can either use the lessons as positive reinforcement or we can lose them. The ones we lose don’t disappear, they show up in different disguises until we pay heed to our choices. […]

Draw a Plan

A plan is not only drawn for a home or a development, you need to have a plan for every area of your life. Without a plan there is no clear path to your destination. If you depend on luck you would find your pathway littered with disappointment. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

Self Respect

People aren’t commodities. We shouldn’t intimidate, and denigrate other human beings in order to satisfy our selfish needs. As a member of the human race our existence shouldn’t be dependent on living a parasitic life. We are responsible for own upkeep, no one else is. © Norma Bobb-Semple

Boxing Day

Today is the day we shop for deals. On a personal level it’s never about the deals. It is whether I need it in order to enhance my life or I want it because everyone else has it. My choices are based on my needs. I know and you know that everything is temporary, nothing […]

Merry Christmas

We are at a crossroad this Christmas Day amidst all the suffering in this World. Poverty, wars, homelessness, and loneliness is a way of life for the masses in this Universe. As we celebrate let’s remember to ponder on the the suffering meted out to the dispossessed. Equality is what the Christ preached. Christianity is […]


Money is a tool to be used, but in order to have more than we can use, we steal the labour of other human beings, while objectifying them as animals, in order to clear our conscience of all guilt. Compassion becomes an inconvenience when money is the God we pay reverence to. © Norma Bobb-Semple […]

Blurred Vision

How we see ourselves matters. What we expect of ourselves matters. Our expectations should match the effort and work we apply to the life we want to live and experience. This life is all we have. A grifter lives a life built on lies. © Norma Bobb-Semple


No one is born with partisan principles. We aren’t part of a herd. We have to stand for our moral principles which is separate from a herd mentality and more in keeping with how the Universe works. Our moral compass ought to be our guide. I know it is difficult to do when we can’t […]