Our sojourn here should be littered with kindness, love and a commitment towards the health and well being of all life, including sentient beings.  We weren’t created to populate pomposity and racial animosity.  There aren’t any window dressing in life, so why fabricate and grandiose your wealth while most of the world go […]


  We have to create images of the reality we want to experience.  When we are faced with challenges, as dire as it is now, we must forge a new reality.  Without a vision we are doomed.  Now is the time to go within and surround ourselves with the divine energy that is readily available […]


Transparency has to be paramount in our everyday interaction with each other.   We have to be honest in all we say and do.    A false reality cannot be subjugated for the truth.  When our intentions are clear we operate with clarity and conviction. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020


  When we live life believing that we have to conform instead of digging deep within to find out who we are, we find ourselves adrift in a boat, on the ocean, without an oar.   Puppets are fashioned by those who need puppeteers to do their bidding.  We can be cured of our derangement […]


  The only person we have dominance over is ourselves.   Let’s not be fooled into thinking that we have total control over another person or other sentient beings.   How can we who are unable to thwart our fate with death be so disillusioned into thinking we are all powerful.   We are not […]


  If we require impartiality in our interactions with others now in the time for us to put impartiality into practice in every decision we make that revolves around the livelihood and well being of others.  Being partial no longer serves the need of our global village, we have to be transparent, impartial, and honest. […]


    Do we consider ourselves equal to each other or do we believe we are superior to others.  There is no status quo in this, our universal village.  We are either plunderers or peace makers.   If we cheat and rob each other because we can, in order to increase our resources, we aren’t creative, […]