We have to live our life with purpose. Our interactions have to be intentional. If we act with recklessness in our interactions with others how can expect them to welcome us into their fold. There are consequences for every action. Deal with it. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


Can we put our lives together after a chaos or series of chaoses? Yes, we can. We are capable of mending every tear in our lives. Trusting in our intuition clears the path for our redemption. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


A life full of Joy is one that embraces every moment as though it’s the last. Let’s live life with pizazz. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


We have to find our purpose. If accumulating money is our main goal we have to ask ourselves what is our motivation. It can buy us friends and a ticket to the upper echelon of society, but would it bring us peace? We can make this world a better place by sharing love. Love is […]


Doing an analysis of our weaknesses and working on them elevates us from mediocrity to mastery. When we know what our weaknesses are success is guaranteed. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


What are we grateful for at this present moment? There is so much to be thankful for. It’s not what we are lacking, it is about the good we are experiencing right now. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


We lose all the time. We grow old, although that is a positive. Friends come and go. There are births and there are deaths. Seasons comes and goes. We have to celebrate all the seasons in our lives. Every situation is a teaching moment and we are all here to learn. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


Can we bury our destructive energies and replace them with positive ones. I know we can. All it takes is changing me to we. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022