Creativity dwells within us.  It is our divine inheritance.  Don’t allow it to go fallow, as you use it, it increases.  Your gift does not negate the gift of another’s and vice versa.  Remember we are all contributors in this our divine experience.  Let us all be a light that exudes goodness in all the […]

Winner versus Loser

  The whole idea that there are winners and losers is a gross misconception.  There are no guarantees in this world except conception, birth and death.  These are the inevitables in this Universe.  We use manipulation and deceit in our dealings with each other in other to perpetuate winning.  What we need to hone into […]


    Life is like a blossom waiting to open into a beautiful flower whose radiance can never be duplicated or negated.  That flower is of itself a resplendent gift to us all, and we are all, in our beautiful and awesome selves, the living testimony of that blossoming flower.   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020


To rock back and forth in our rocking chairs, physically or imaginary, can calm our minds and our bodies and bring serenity into our lives.  We are all in need of a lull in our lives, a place in which we can be transformed, renewed, energized and filled with creative energy to fuel our life’s […]


  Wealth, fame, cars, homes, boats, jets, and jewellery are symbolic of the life we want to portray.   True wealth comes from living an harmonious life consisting of health, happiness, joy and contentment.   Money is not synonymous with wealth, health is, for it can’t be bought or sold.   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020 […]


  Most of us believe that to be absent we have to be physically away from a situation, person or place.   Because we tend to live in a rote mode we are easily distracted and we do not practice awareness.   To be fully alive we have to be present in every decision and […]


  We do restoration on a daily basis, on our appearance, our wardrobe, our clothes, our homes.   Yet we forget that the most important project that needs continuous restoration  is self.   Let’s determine to do our spiritual and physical cleansing as the occasion arises from day to day. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020   […]