Happy New Year

The old is about to die The new waits to take its place Time slips away like a slithering snake It is here today gone tomorrow It creates a void in our hearts   The door closes on 2015 and opens to 2016 Change carries with it the gift of self assessment and reflection   […]

Are you ready

Are you ready for change The change of seasons from Winter to Summer Are you ready for change From fear to hope Are you ready for change From loss to gain Are you ready for change From heartbreak to joy Are you ready for change From hatred to love Are you ready for change From […]


It wasn’t in your touch It was the way your eyes locked in mine It was all the things said and unsaid between the two of us that conveyed your goodbye That wish from you to me just like a fairy waving a wand blessing me in times of sorrow and in times of joy […]


Camouflage is a game of subterfuge if only we can see the truth   Traps are layered like tiles Covered by betrayal and lies   Your world becomes a mirage you see the shadow for the tree   The storm gathers speed like a lightning rod   The reveal shatters your belief in the lie […]


The wall laid bare I walked by it every day Bare canvas waiting to be transformed   The other day I walked by and there instead of a bare canvas laid scrawled images   Skewed hearts and spades Graffiti had taken over the sanctity of this bare wall © Norma Bobb-Semple 2015

My beloved

I looked for my beloved in my cravings but the more I gave of myself the more it became elusive   I tried finding solace In the arms of another But the more I did the more it became elusive   I kept looking for my beloved outside of myself but the more I did […]

Air flow

The wind blows Air flows From here to there It is everywhere   Can’t breathe need air Go where the wind blows Fill your lungs till it overflows   Can’t keep it Got to breathe it Share it, for without it Life falls still as autumn leafs © Norma Bobb-Semple 2015

A matter of seconds

Seconds can be deducted or added Seconds matters   It is so minute but still it can be broken down into pieces Seconds matters   Taking a second to think Can save you a lifetime  of misery Seconds matters   Seconds comes and seconds goes Seconds matters   Being a second late or being a […]