I want to share through my blog how I think life’s trials ought to be dealt with. Life consists of joy, pain, hopes, dreams, health, sickness, love, greed, disappointments, loneliness and happiness, anger and pain, helplessness, loss and death. These are many of the great fears we carry around with us daily. I hope that in my writing I can be a guide to you in your explusion of every fear that keeps you from living the life you so desperately seek.


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  1. Hi Dear….I hope all is well…I have not heard from you for awhile and you said that you wanted to discuss my book when you finished it. If you have and want to give me feedback outside of amazon please do…If its OK with you however I actually need the amazon reviews so that would be awesome too. Be honest though…My goal is to always be a great writer.

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      1. I never got your review dear…if you wanted to just give me honest feedback on here or Amazon..that is fine. I am reworking both “The Right Road” and ” Facebook posts that get on my last damn nerve” to have additional info including pics, more detail from the articles used, a autobiography section and comparisons of other works. I do not know which copy you bought but if you bought the paperback or Kindle let me know as well.


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