Whether we care to admit it or not some of us profit from the game of disparity and disenfranchisement.  The question we need to ask of ourselves is: how am I complicit in this disparity and what can I do to create a more homogeneous world? © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

Fiction versus Reality

  Some of us want to live for all eternity and we crave a continuity of life.   That’s not the reality.   I believe that being alive allows us to see and appreciate the oneness in all humanity.  Life becomes more meaningful when we live knowing that our time here is not infinite.   All […]

Common Sense

  We as humans behave as though we are all powerful.   No one can stop us as we plunder, lie, cheat and destroy, and then this, a simple microbe, that can’t be stopped by being bombed or shot at, have us all hyped up and at our wits end trying to control and stop […]


    Worrying does not solve a situation.  When problems arise and we can’t find a solution let it be.  We all know that there were times in our lives when we thought that a problem was insurmountable and that it could not be overcome but looking back we can now say to ourselves: that […]

The Centre of the Storm

  It is quite different when we are away from the epicenter of a catastrophe.   We rationalize that the problem is theirs and not ours.   Since we are all in this together let’s put aside our greed and hostility and work towards the healing of this planet and it’s inhabitants. © Norma Bobb-Semple […]

A Time To Share

  Amidst the present circumstances most of us have turned our homes into vast warehouses stacked with essential and non essential items.  Let’s take a moment to think of all those people who doesn’t have the money to buy the basic necessities – food.  I am sure that the majority of us don’t mind sharing […]


    We have to cast off the veil of fear and and do some inner excavation and restoration.  Nature is never constant, it is always evolving.  Regardless of where we are, whether at home, or at work, let’s ask ourselves what really matters?   Does money, status, greed, debauchery, hatred save us?   The […]


In this sacrosanct space were in we need to lead, and we can.  Leaders aren’t a creation of man, we are all created to lead.  We must apply our craftsmanship in whatever way we can to bring healing, love and peace to this global village of ours, Mother Earth. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

The Answer

    Answers are always available to seekers.  We all know from experience that what one earnestly searches for always begets him or her.  That is why yearnings need to be tarried on before we expend our energies  towards their consummation and birth.  We cannot undo the past, we can only use this present moment […]


    We are powerful.  It is in uncertain times like these that we need to harness the power within us.   Our seat of power is a source we can go to in good times as well as bad times.  It is place where we can receive benevolence and wisdom through the simple act of […]