From Womb to Tomb

Our journey from the womb to the tomb does not define us.  We are defined by the choices we make, in the void, between those two junctions.  Our actions, more than our words, speaks on our behalf.  Ours is the choice to make as to whether we aspire to be a saint or a villian. […]


People grieve the passing of loved ones, failed relationships, loss of jobs, getting older, feeling lonesome. Grief does not have to initiate sadness, it can bring our focus back to self care and doing without having expectations.  If the tears flow, let it, release, let go, know that the past is over.  Connect with the […]


  The viriol spewed.  It came in shrilling drips.  I thought it was a ghost that ran away from its post.  The earth heaved and moaned as if in unison with a runaway locomotive, creating a fissure so wide I became atrophied.   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2018