Sleep walking

Wandering and meandering on crossroads and highways Tripping and falling while sleep walking failure to seperate the dirt from the gravel Having no plan Like a beaver building a dam is a sure sign of having lost your way By choosing to be impulsive rather than rationalistic   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016  

Hateful trait

Hating is like painting The ink keeps flowing from canvas to canvas There is no respite   It drips and coagulates like blood in our veins We hold it in our bosom for revenge is all we feel   We become leeches as hate seeps through our veins Our vision is distorted when hatred is […]

Just a Matter of time

Love without expectation Listen without interruption Share because you care Follow your heart because you dare to heal another’s pain   The smile on people’s faces are like canvases of artists The clouds are painting potraits Changing scenes continuously   Plant seeds of encouragement Focus on the task at hand Be attentive and appreciative for […]


Whose Secret was it his or hers She was his nurse he was her patient All she cared for was her job Opiniated and mouthy Pontificating and preaching on a self made altar Spinning tales about who got what Confidante to family secrets She could tell it all She was the hunter he was her […]


A Change of Heart Memories Thoughts Feelings Disemboweled or Interred   Dissect Infect Reflect Subject Reject or Deflect   Like a sharp jolt of lightning The bolt strikes and opens the vault for all to see No place to hide It’s all naked to the eye   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016 Image credited to Google […]

Free for All

Love is free Spread the word Tell everyone It is easy to see It is that feeling within nudging you on letting you know that love abides in you In the warmth of your heart in the sparkle of your eyes The smile on your lips If love could speak it’s only words would be […]

Romance and Love

The romatization of love is like the light of a candle It flickers on and on until it extinguishes and the flames are gone   True love is love that is nurtured within not dependent on external circumstances or claims of love from someone else This love is the only one that lasts forever There […]

Being open and receptive

Nothing is impossible, you are the bridge between seeking and receiving.   It is all a matter of belief,  are you worthy?  The answer to this question can open or close doors to your imagination.    What you imagine and truly believe in is what shows up in your world.   Be that which you […]