We live our daily lives bound in one spell or another.  We always find ourselves captivated by things that aren’t applicable to nurturing our consciousness of reverence not only to each other but to the Earth and all sentient beings.  As custodians to the health and welfare of this world it behoves all of […]

Cause and Effect

  Cause and effect is the stream that runs through every situation in our lives.   Being honest as to the if’s, why’s and but’s would bring us closer to crafting a way out of every obstacle that seems to obscure our way.   We have to ask of ourselves the hard questions. Why can’t […]


We do not exist in a void, we are interconnected with each other and every sentient being.  When we are in sync with each other we open the pathway to total healing of ourselves and of this village we call Earth. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

Your Life, Your Way

  We cannot allow ourselves to become pawns of those who desire to manipulate us, regardless of their connection to us, be it familiar, or intimate.   The only loyalty that matters is loyalty to self.   We must become familiar with ourselves, and build a relationship with ourselves.   Money, tears, threats are some […]