Self Care

    In our relationships with people we should always bear in mind that they don’t always return the courtesy we extend to them.   Approach the extension of your favour with lending money to friends and acquaintances.  Only lend what you can afford to lose.  In the same way have no expectations of people. […]

Living in Your Skin

Are we connected with who we are or are we swaying like the bows of trees that responds to the motion of the wind.   We have to be connected to our core beliefs.  What matters is that we should treat people with the same respect and decency we know we deserve.   When we […]

Idolization of Money

Money is always the motivation to steal, plunder and marginalize countries and  people who don’t have military power, or the ability to retaliate.   Bullies aren’t only in the school yards, they are everywhere, in boardrooms, banks, offices and our hallowed halls.   If I think of you as a chip on the gambling table […]

The Eye of the Telescope

We all experience life differently depending on the angle of our telescope.   We tend to scan and look for constellations of the human condition with which we are comfortable.   If we are fortunate enough to have patrons in our life our experiences are pristine.  If we are considered  a member of the lesser […]

Self Examination

We should examine our lives and determine whether our actions supports our growth or impedes it.  We can be our worst enemy by the thoughts we think and the company we keep.  Transiency is not isolated to homelessness, we can become transient through our thoughts and our actions.  The way we approach our self management […]

Forfeiture of Time

  If you do not use the time, that is allotted to you, it can never be restored.  Unlike money, or lifestyle time cannot be restored.   Take the time to invest in the time allotted to you.  Time forfeited is time that is forever lost. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

A Price Point

Although we might be remiss about it or can’t admit it most of us are just a price point away from bartering truth in exchange for the currency of our choice.  We are inclined to be consumed by things, money and glitz, that are of no significance.  We launder our word to the biggest bidder […]

A Work in Progress

We aren’t like a cake that is baked in the oven,  we are never done, we are a continuous work in progress.  Every day is an opportunity for self assessment.  Self reflection and the aspiration to be better is a continuous process.  We are all a work in progress. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020


Have you ever pondered on why you clothe your true intentions?  Deceit unravels like a reel of thread.  Looking at who we are and owning our antisocial and/or predatory behaviour would force us to self correct or stay on our deceptive path.  The choice is always ours to make.  Getting naked with ourselves is cathartic. © […]

Why do we Stay

  Some people say if it was that bad why did you stay.  People stay because they are afraid of being ostracized.  We all want to belong and therefore we self deface ourselves by being in relationships that damages our psyche and our health.  Feel free to agree or disagree with me.  We attribute blame […]