The Unhappy Wife


Image Credited to Dr. Garland


I bought the book on the weekend and I couldn’t put it down until after I had read the last page.   I was reluctant at first because I thought here was a book that only catered to married women, but I have to admit I was wrong.    Whether you are married, engaged or single you will find bits and pieces of yourself intervowen in every tale.

Congratulations Dr. Garland you have imbued wisdom into our lives by sharing the stories of these women with us through your book.  See my review on Amazon.


© Norma Bobb-Semple 2017

9 thoughts on “The Unhappy Wife

  1. WHAT??? I love surprises! I don’t think I had any idea whatsoever that you bought my book! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! And thanks for the review. What country are you in? I ask because if you’re in a different country then it shows up on that Amazon, not the US.

    Also, thanks for saying that about the content. I know the title is a bit deceptive. It’s a book more related to relationships and self-worth than simply being married. So glad you recognized that too!

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  2. Reblogged this on K E Garland and commented:
    I love surprises! Finding out that normabob had not only read The Unhappy Wife, but also written an Amazon review and a written these kind words on her blog sent me over the moon! Thanks again my dear! I appreciate it. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, then check out her blog.

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