Are we the Body we Occupy

man in black leather jacket and black pants standing on gray concrete stairs
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Our work here is one of inclusiveness.  We can’t change our lives for good and the good of this Earth if we practice individualism.  Greed and appropriation is beneficial to one and excludes everyone else.  Death is a great teacher.  When we die we are rendered to dust: money, influence and all the other trappings that we use as identifiers of our purity and classism dissipate into nothingness.

© Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

2 thoughts on “Are we the Body we Occupy

  1. Exactly but why are great achievers only remembered when the pass away in year’s to come..

    I would like to change this policy by creating a reverse change for why human self decline forms this way every individual has the best chance from start to finish..

    To be the very best version of themselves all the way through the life in which was given to the individual..

    Humanity is unaturally interfering and suppressing themselves and we prevent ourselves from having quality life during life and quality of the life at end of life.. 😉🙏💙

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