The Imagery of Water


Photo credited to Marcia Bobb-Semple


Water comes in all forms.  It can be frothy at times, clear at times, murky at times, calm at times, but underneath that calmness, the current can be seething like a raging bull.  Water can be as gentle as a cool breeze and as blistering as the wind on a stormy day.

The only thing that seperates humans from the forces of nature is our ability to think before we act.  We are all one with the Universe.  We are only here for a finite time.  Let us be cognizant of our brief stay on this stage, that is called life, be open to living our truth in every area of our lives, remembering that our actions reverberates like a boomerang.


© Norma Bobb-Semple 2018

2 thoughts on “The Imagery of Water

  1. So much truth here. I would even say we’re part of this natural whole before we exist, and long after. Our ability to reason tricks us into believing we’re something separate.

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