The ideology of rich and poor

Rich and poor is all a mirage.  Regardless of where we were born we all entered penniless but full of vibrancy.  The life we were born into is like fluff in our pillows.  It makes us comfortable or miserable depending on what it is stuffed with.

Those who are born into the arms of the “elite” are told that the world is their canvas, that everything is in their grasp.  They are eased into positions designed for them.

For those born to the “underdogs” remember we are all born free regardless of pedigree, free of fear and greed, full of love until those entrusted with helping us form our identity of who we are, mistreats us,  sow the seeds of self doubt and make us malleable to distrust and self hatred.

We are taught that we have to be submissive and that others opinion of us matters more than what we think and know about ourselves.  We are told that we are unlovable until someone else decides to love us.  We build a wall around ourselves and live life as though we are a shell, devoid of any hope, just walking aimlessly and hoping that through self abasement someone would take pity on us and open closed doors.

The masks we now wear defines us to our peers while within we writhe with self pity and derision.  Some of us reek of self hatred.  What we forget  is that there is no hierarchy, we are all created equal.  Other people’s definition of us has no bearing on our self worth.  We are the only ones with the keys to our own self evolvement.

Turn a blind eye and be deaf to the crass words and road blocks placed in your path.  Remember you have to look within to find your way.  Seeing through your mind’s eye and listening to your intuition would create a buffer to all the obstacles.  When there seem to be no way, remember you are the way.  Class structure and the lack of inclusion can deter you at times but with every roadblock a new road opens.  Keep your eyes on that which you envision and strive for.

Because of the socio ecomomic circumstances we are born into we have to work harder and longer to breathe life into our dreams.  Though we feel disillusioned and lost at times we can count on our determination and drive which catapults us over every obstacle.  We all bring special gifts with us when we enter this universe.  I wonder how different this world would be, what cures or inventions would have been created were there not inequalities and biases to be fought.

There will always be mental illness, poverty, greed, wars, avarice and incompetence as long as pomposity and a false sense of superiority runs rampant in the hearts and minds of those who consider themselves better than others because of their lineage or preferred status.  This world would be more evolved spiritually, emotionally and physically if we embrace the notion that unity trumps bigotry.


© Norma Bobb-Semple 2016





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