We should not allow ourselves to be distracted from the things that matter in our lives. What matters to you and me is health, wisdom, understanding, loyalty, security of food and home, loving ourselves and all those whose lives touches ours. Everything else is just the fluff of life. We can exhibit our wares but […]


We don’t have to be loved by someone else to experience love. Love can’t be bought or bartered for. We are love and we don’t need anyone’s permission to love ourselves unconditionally. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021

What is Love?

We don’t have to deny ourselves to attain the love of another person. Love is not disrespectful and demeaning, it doesn’t use or abuse us. Our job is to stop looking outside of ourselves for love. We are the love we seek. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020


Predatory behaviour is opportunistic, it has no relationship to any group in particular.  It is a weaponry used by a lot of people, on other people who don’t exercise their free will. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020              


Do we believe we are superior?   Do we employ deception in our everyday interaction with other people?  Do we believe in self entitlement?   Belief in all or some of the aforementioned should cause us to stop and reflect on how we arrived here and where we are headed to.   Life and death is […]


Everyday is a miracle but today I want to give thanks to Mother Earth for her love, fortitude, and grace in taking care of our needs.  Without air we would die, and all the air we breathe is free.  There is an abundance of water to quench our thirst.  The sun brings warmth and night […]


  Shame is an emotion that afflicts most human beings.   Sometimes we are made to wear the garment of shame because society has a social construct for us (stay in your place) or we dress ourselves in it in order to hide our guilt.   In the case of social ridicule we can choose […]


Some of us have a false sense of entitlement.  We live a parasitic life while looking upon our fellow sojourners as people who are non contributors to the greater good of society.   This earth is our home, though for only a short while.  Why can’t we in good conscience live with civility, while carving […]