Being open and receptive

Nothing is impossible, you are the bridge between seeking and receiving.   It is all a matter of belief,  are you worthy?  The answer to this question can open or close doors to your imagination.    What you imagine and truly believe in is what shows up in your world.   Be that which you […]


Integrity is like a mast on a ship without it you drift no place to go standing still like a moat. The things we do mirrors who we are. Why would I need a camouflage when I wear my own badge respect, decency, self love and integrity. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2015

What matters

Life evolves.  There is life and there is death.  With birth comes excitement, hopefulness, gratefulness and expectantancy.   Life is so full of promise we tell ourselves.  We forget all our disappointments and look forward to a wonderful future.  We make plans and we stand back and look at the life we created, the life […]

Mirroring Self

One of my favourite songs is “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson.  It puts me back in the decision making seat.  It allows me to re-assess and to acknowledge that inspite of what is happening I have to look at myself and ask why and how did I find myself in the place I am. […]