We are powerful.  It is in uncertain times like these that we need to harness the power within us.   Our seat of power is a source we can go to in good times as well as bad times.  It is place where we can receive benevolence and wisdom through the simple act of […]


    There is nothing that separates us from his virus, be it borders or walls.   We are all in this together.  I think the lesson to be learned is: we are more a global village than a conglomeration of rich and poor countries.  Everything passes and this too shall surely pass. ©  Norma […]


If you happen to share space with other people be respectful.  Do not try to usurp other people’s time, and space.  Work around other people’s schedule at all times. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020


We have to face our motivations and shine a light on them.  Are we swayed by the apparent rich lifestyle of others and as a result we hitch our wagon to theirs.  Remember things are not always as they seem.  Due diligence has got to be applied to every relationship we foster.


  People can cloud our vision through the illusion of smoke.   Smoke can appear in the form of untruths and false promises.  If we adhere to the truth of who we are and the values that we live by the haze of smoke would leave us unscathed.   When we centre ourselves within nothing […]

The Why’s

  We often dwell on why people do what they do.  The answer is beyond our comprehension.  People do what they do in most cases because they are greedy, spiteful, jealous, and hateful.  The only control we have is how we choose to act towards their indiscretions. © Norma Bobb-Semple


  Life is not a theatrical occasion, it is living in the present with awareness.  When we busy ourselves with what our work is in this Universe we can’t be side tracked or diverted from it.   We have a sacred duty to be the best steward we can be in fostering love, compassion and […]