Changing the Tide

  Change does not live in a void.  Change cannot come from the lower echelons of society, who act as though they have the power of judge, jury and executioner.  Change lies in the hands of our lawmakers who can change the direction of the tide and dismantle the persuasive injustice that is directed towards […]

Giving Up

  Giving up is never an option.  You have to be tenacious, and assertive about the actions you take.  Your journey is not linear, it is a progression towards elimination of the larger issue: demonization and systematic injustice. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

Inhabiting Joy

Joy has to be our constant companion.  Without joy our lenses are shattered, we aren’t able to view things within the aperture of  truth.  When joy is present there is clarity. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

Standing in Gratitude

    It is hard to stand in gratitude when your heart is thumping with pain.  It is in these  times that we have to decompress, breathe and apply self care before we self destruct.   We cannot create change in those who have no desire to change their ways.   Justice is never blind, […]

We are all Human

    Our journey on this Earth though short is full of endless possibilities.  We are born free and ought not to be subjected to the nefarious actions of those who think they have the right to restrict and suppress others because of their belief in the lie of superiority.   In every situation there […]


  We do not stand alone.  We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, but for some of us who have had our identities stolen it behooves us to use the resources that are available so that we can have an awakening and a reconnection to our past.  Not knowing where you originated dwarfs who […]


We are embroiled in the negative stories we tell ourselves.  Stories that are based on the opinions of others.  The only stories that are worth adhering to are the ones that speak of our tenacity, our courage and our ability to overcome in the midst of hate, derision, socio economic injustice and suppression. © Norma […]


You might feel that you are, in this present moment, cornered like a rat, pursued by a snake with no escape route.  Remember when you feel constrained that paralysis is not an option, you have to be energized, and engaged.  This is the only way to bring about transformative change. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020

A Time for Everything

  There is a time to pray and there is a time to display our aberration of systematic racism.   Racism is institutionalized and the black body like a beast of burden is harnessed to carry the weight.  That body is castrated daily through denial of its humanity, justice, safe water, homes, jobs, physically accosted, […]


Belief in superiority and the right to dominate and rule is ludicrous and insane.  We are all one whether we choose to accept it or not.  No one wants to live in a war zone, not knowing when their door might be kicked in, and people with guns blazing put an end to their life.   […]