Some of us wear our authenticity in the same way we wear our clothes.  We are on display in our finest raiment touting our alter ego.  Impersonation is a tool we use to acquire that which we think we deserve.  Sometimes we are in a dialogue with ourselves over that which we believe and that […]


Reading is an art form.  When we read we breathe life into characters, and model the scenes according to our feelings.  We journey to places near and far.   What we get from reading can never be experienced in other art forms.   Reading is good for the mind, body and soul.  Let’s get reading. […]


  As we traverse this Universe we have to put service into practice.   Service to self is important, but it must be extended outward to our families and our communities.  Benevolence has to be at the centre of our lives.  There has to be parity in our giving and in our receiving. There is […]


    We are all at some point in our lives enthralled by the thought of being powerful.   True power comes from an understanding of who we are.   We are not only human, we are spiritual beings endowed with power.  With power comes the responsibility of exercising empathy, love, peace and compassion.  Let […]


  We have to guard our thoughts and vision.  Our inner sanctuary is like our home.   Do we give unlimited access to every room of our dwelling?  I think not.  The same precaution has to be taken with respect to our inner being and doing.   Mystery opens the door to manifestation.   © Norma […]


  If we are morally responsible we would treat each other with respect and dignity.   This journey is an opportunity for us to appeal to our better angels.  Being nicer and fairer to each other increases our dopamine. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020