We are One

    Irrespective of how we view ourselves we are one in the continuum of this Universe.    None of us are favoured more than the other.   What keeps us apart is our craftiness, and our avowed belief in what we were taught to be the truth.  We have got to uncover our false […]

Dressed to Impress

  In as much as it is desirable to be dressed to impress what we also need to work on is self development.   We have to respect ourselves before we can give respect to others.   We are all influencers and as such we have to be cognizant of the messages we share.  Perception […]


    Have we really taken the time to assess our needs from our wants.   Travelling lightly  is the motto we should live by, but advertisement and a greedy eye has us obsessed with getting things that does not add value to our lives.   We must do the job of getting to know […]


Change is inevitable, regardless of our efforts at delaying the advent of age, it comes.  There is no stopping change,  it is the process of growth.   We have to embrace change, for without change our lives would be dormant.  We aren’t the same person we were at birth, transformation took place, whether by our […]


  We cannot afford to live in a bubble.  Awareness has to be practiced at all times.  This Universe is not exclusive, it is inclusive, and so it is in our individual lives.  Don’t take people for granted.   Money is not a measurement of our success or failure.  If we consider ourselves totalitarian in […]


    We have to consider all the facts at our disposal before coming to a decision.   Tardiness and indecisiveness aren’t qualities that makes expedient decisions possible.   Choices have to be calculated.   You have to know what it is you want to accomplish and make the choice. ©Norma Bobb-Semple 2020