Air flow

The wind blows Air flows From here to there It is everywhere   Can’t breathe need air Go where the wind blows Fill your lungs till it overflows   Can’t keep it Got to breathe it Share it, for without it Life falls still as autumn leafs © Norma Bobb-Semple 2015

A matter of seconds

Seconds can be deducted or added Seconds matters   It is so minute but still it can be broken down into pieces Seconds matters   Taking a second to think Can save you a lifetime  of misery Seconds matters   Seconds comes and seconds goes Seconds matters   Being a second late or being a […]


Is sleeping hitting the sack whether day or night and waking up more alert and refreshed Tell me what is sleeping to you?   Is sleeping part of who you are you wear blinders all day and pretend not to see Tell me what is sleeping to you?   Is sleeping thinking the fix in […]


Reflections are distortions mimicking unhinged doors The world tells you what it’s expectations are but low and behold it does the opposite rules are made they have to be followed by the populace unlike looking at your reflection in a river The worlds reflection is often riddled and muddled. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2015

Magical moments

Waking up each morning Looking in the mirror Trying to figure Whether the face I see is indeed me.   I stare at it, it stares back at me I am all I see captured in that mirror is the essence of me. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2015

Setting goals

 Building a connection with other bloggers, and attracting more followers and having more hits is my number one priority. I am committed to blogging more frequently at least 5 days a week in 2016. Spending about 3 hours a week reading and commenting on my followers blogs, and sharing more on Twitter.