We have to be of service to all humanity, all living entities and sentient beings. Our foundation stands or collapses depending on the values they are built on. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022

Do We Know Ourselves

We are always psychoanalyzing others, yet we don’t know who we are. When was the last time we asked of ourselves: Who am I? What makes me tick? How do I become more transparent in my life? Do I love and respect myself? Do I have values and principles? Can I be bought? If we […]


We have to be subjective about kinship. Kinship has no relationship to blood relation. Disappointment arises between ourselves and our kin because of our assumptions that their ideals are the same as ours. Our kin is not always our kinfolk. We have to find our kinfolk, those who hold the same values we do. © […]