People have feelings, and suffer because of the indiscretions, hatred and punitive measures we direct towards them, showing total disregard as to the consequences.  We are all fragile and it is tantamount that we treat each other with the same fragility we expect.  We are only a minute part of this Universe, let’s replace bravado […]


  If we hold to the tenet that nothing changes with respect to our life, our family and lifestyle we feed energy into the concept of suffering.   Life holds no secrets, we know that as we sow we reap, and that all life eventually dies.  In this life there are no guarantees.  Chameleons are […]


    Grief, especially when it is caused by death can be debilitating.  We ask the question:  Why me?  We aren’t singled out for pain and misery.   As long as we are alive, joy, love, happiness, health, sickness and death occurs although not in that order.   Life ends in what we call death. […]


Let’s embrace mourning by carving out time, within our busy lives to uplift those without a voice,  including all sentient beings.  We are in mourning as long as suffering exists in this Universe.  We are all our brothers and sisters keeper.  Love is not singular, it is encompassing.  The voice of compassion should not be […]

Hello Generosity

Photo credited to Unsplash   Lets strive to be always generous in words, thoughts and deeds.  Just as there is no separation between a drop of water and the ocean, there is no separation between those of us who are suffering and those of us on higher ground.  Let us blend our thoughts with those […]