Do we consider ourselves equal to each other or do we believe we are superior to others.  There is no status quo in this, our universal village.  We are either plunderers or peace makers.   If we cheat and rob each other because we can, in order to increase our resources, we aren’t creative, […]

Thanksgiving – Selfless Living

Photo credited to Pixabay   As we celebrate thanksgiving let us all not be forgetful of our responsibility to this Universe and to our children and grandchildren.  We owe it to the them to foster peace, unity, harmony and love.    Let’s make thanksgiving an act of selfless living, not only on this day but […]

A bouquet of flowers

Your life is like a bouquet of flowers whose scent waifs in the air and mesmerizes you with it’s sweet aroma.    Be like that bouquet, give of yourself to yourself first.  In doing so you would be better able to give of yourself to others.   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016