Are we present with ourselves at all times or are we consumed by greed and jealousy? We are all creative beings working in alignment with the Universe. We are creators of our own world. Spending our time and energy worrying about what other people are doing keeps us from creating our own reality. © Norma […]


Class is a fictional ideal. Equality is the reality. We can choose to live in our imagined states or we can open our eyes to what is real and just. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021


The reservoir of knowledge we constantly seek lies in our subconscious. We might feel exhausted when we are in the midst of a storm but beyond our outer exterior is where the magic occurs. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021

You are It

If you stumble into a quagmire and you think that the only way out is being helped by someone else, that reasoning would lead to your disillusionment. The only solution is to step away from the quagmire and create a new reality for yourself. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021


Reality based on who we are is a testament to our truth. Focusing on what we want others to think of us belies our true calling. It is a fallacy for us to approach life as if it is a recurring soap opera. There is no doing over. When we check out, that’s it. If […]


Be wary of people who pressure you into doing their bidding, your control ends when you acquiesce to their demands. The life you have is yours to live and you are only accountable to you. Friends can’t be bought. If you find yourself in relationships where you have to do all the giving then it […]


  We have to create images of the reality we want to experience.  When we are faced with challenges, as dire as it is now, we must forge a new reality.  Without a vision we are doomed.  Now is the time to go within and surround ourselves with the divine energy that is readily available […]


    Living in a world of denial inflicts carnage on our body.  We refuse to see that which is before our very eyes.  Excuses becomes our daily litany and life for us is akin to being stranded on an island populated with zombies.  Let’s lift the veil and live in reality rather than denial. […]