Photo credited to Pixabay   I am not convoluted though I rant and rage What I say is all staged Like a pilot, I am in control this is not fiction I set the action What you see is choreographed Consummate entertainer that’s who I am My comedic sayings like a raging forest fire […]


Photo credited to Google   Anger can contort your face make you look like an alien from outer space It sets heart beating at a rapid pace Perspiration seeps down your face You puff like a steam engine does Slow down the pace before you prostrate Anger and angina are bandied together Can’t have one […]

My only Choice

Photo credited to Unsplash   It is often stated That was my only choice I had no other place to go Stop and retract Choices occur in every act Don’t stack all the wrong choices like cans on a shelf and expect positive results If you ask of self what action to take and act […]


Photo credited to Google   I choose to wear a mask Society expects me to I walk everyday knowing rejection paves my path I turn a deaf ear to rants and dissent That is the price I pay I must assimilate   I did all I could even selling myself short I thought I could […]

Alive but Dead

Photo credited to Unsplash   They walk the streets We see them everywhere smiling while planning their wiles If you need a Saviour they are at your side They are the dead that walks Their aids are a vacuumous heart and a sack full of tricks They have no interests other than to dispossess others of their […]


We are cons when we live in denial masking our tracts in a cloak of deceit Swimming like sharks in a sea of discord Entrails keep floating  in our wake of destruction A vortex forms, we are trapped within Spare the words, didn’t we see that coming   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016

Fear Count

Can counting your fears give you peace of mind if you go over it with a fine teeth comb Would all you dread fall through its teeth like dust Or would you ruminate like your digestion does Cast your net like a fisherman Catch your fears and throw them out   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016

Mother Earth

Photo Credited to Unsplash   Kudos to Mother Earth A  respite, the place of our birth We are like caterpillars she our cocoon spinning webs like a spider to catch us if we fall Our sustenance are the fruits of her soil With her loving arms she embraces us at the end of life’s toil […]

The Blame Game

Photo credited to Google   Lucid or incoherent Feigning lapse of sanity as a pretence to escape responsibility Acting recklessly Playing the blame game   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016


Photo credited to Unsplash   They look you in the eye You ask a simple question That deserves a yes or no answer And before you can blink they say with a stare It is not what you think   Don’t listen, bid them goodbye You don’t deserve being caught like a deer in their […]