One cannot be remorseful if hatred has stolen his heart. One cannot feel another’s anguish and pain if they only see them as ghosts. We show our vacuousness through our interactions with all living, and sentient beings. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2023


The oppressed anthem is: why so much suffering? The oppressors anthem is: I will take everything from you, and the planet as long as it yields me wealth and comfort. Your pain is my gain. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


To conform because we want to belong to a group is spiritual suicide. Living our lives in subordination and acting according to the whims and fancies of others isn’t worth the long term pain. We are in charge of our lives so let’s charter it in the way we want it to grow. © Norma […]


We can’t control our beginning or our ending. The only space in which we have control is now. Now is where, by the choices we make, our present is foreshadowed by pain or joy. ©Norma Bobb-Semple 2020


    Expectations are one dimensional.  We can only have expectations of ourselves and work towards bringing those expectations to life.   If we invest into having expectations of others we invite pain and regret into our lives, which you can agree is foolhardy.   People act out what they think of themselves and there is […]

Unlocking Fear

  We live constantly in fear of not having enough and not being enough.   Fear is the shadow that follows us in our dread of loneliness, disease and death.  The presence of fear is an opportunity to engage that fear and see what, like a mirror, it is reflecting to us.  Fear is only […]

When all you do is just not enough

Photo credited to Pixabay   When you have done all you can, for as long as you can and it seems as though all you have as a result is pain and heartache it is time for you to say thanks for the lessons learned, to let go and allow grace to have its way. […]

Positive Choices Matters

Photo credited to Pixabay   We cannot allow the pain people inflict on us to negatively impact the choices we make.  Making poor choices because of what happened to us, and thinking that our downward spiral would make our perpetrators contrite is an absolute lie, in fact it emboldens them to continue abasing their fellow […]