We cannot allow obstacles to detract us from enjoying life in its entirety. We can’t dictate how and when change happens. Acknowledging that life is cyclical should prepare us to grow instead of go through all the changes we encounter in life. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


Obstacles are like mountains, we can stand and look at it pleading that it disappears, it won’t. Solutions aren’t outside of us, they are within us. We can ride any wave if we know we won’t drown. All the power and knowledge we need is within us, let’s create space to commune with our spirit […]

Non Negotiable

We can’t negotiate with life for an easy path, We are all equipped with the skills to overcome every imaginable obstacle. There is only one task we need to adhere to and that is listening to our innermost thoughts and feelings. © Norma Bobb-