We can’t fathom the mystery of life and death but we obsess over and obliterate people who we think are inferior to us, including animals and plants which are important to the eco system. We have to transition from the idea of predator and prey to one of collective management of the resources in this […]

Self Accountability

We assess our money, our assets against our liability so we can see whether we are gaining or losing. In life some of us fail to be self accountable because it has no value when our way of life is based on avarice and greed. If we don’t know who we are, what our place […]

Be mindful

We are being called to use our mindfulness every day in every way. When we see disingenuous behaviour spreading its wings the onus is on us to call it out. Our life in the flesh is only for a brief period of time, so let’s use that time in service to humanity and all of […]


Beauty is non descriptive, it is everywhere present, in ourselves and in all of nature. Let’s be appreciate of the beauty we encounter in our daily life. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021


  The Universe does not operate on the basis of inequality.   All of nature, whether it is the sun, moon, air, rivers and the earth are working in unison to sustain us.  None of the forces of this earth acts as if it is superior to each other.   How can we who are […]

Non transactional

  Our basic needs are non transactional.  We just have to breathe, the air doesn’t ask, what s in it for me?  The sun brings us warmth and the breeze cools us on hot days.   The rain brings water, all of nature acts in accordance with who they are.  Nature can teach us how […]