What drives Us

What drives us? Is it fear or is it courage? Fear paralyses while courage is the ability to act in spite of fear. We are gifted to journey on this earth at this time and as custodians we have to honour and protect all living beings, including sentient ones and our beloved Mother Earth. The […]

Self Awareness

What steps are we taking to elevate our consciousness? Self work and self repair is necessary if we are going to positively contribute towards the healing of Mother Earth. The Earth is alive, so are every living entity including the streams, rivers and oceans. Self importance is delusional and diabolical. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022

The Choices we Make

Some of us choose our personas because of the leverage we can wield. We create facades in order to cover up our true character. Profit has always been the key to all the calamities facing this Universe. We have to seriously ask of ourselves whether we are enablers or someone who sees the same humanity […]

Mending the Tears

The tears I am referring to is not the act of weeping, it’s is the brokenness within us, like the tears in our clothing. The time for reparation is now because if we don’t repair the tear before it rends the results would be catastrophic. We have to mend ourselves, our bitterness, self aggrandizement, superiority, […]

Our Values

Every moment of every day offers us an opportunity to grow. We have to look at our values and ask ourselves whether we are making a positive contribution to the wellness of Mother Earth. Our health depends on the health of Mother Earth. We are not here to appropriate and exploit, we are here to […]

Non transactional

  Our basic needs are non transactional.  We just have to breathe, the air doesn’t ask, what s in it for me?  The sun brings us warmth and the breeze cools us on hot days.   The rain brings water, all of nature acts in accordance with who they are.  Nature can teach us how […]


We are conditioned into non excellence by a society that frowns on the excellence of the other (the fringe).  No one is born into classism but we perform under par because we so badly want to be liked and not to be cast as a trouble maker.   We are all endowed with gifts that […]