Is the light burning bright in our lives or are we overshadowed by darkness? The keeper of the light is us. We must tend it so that it never goes out. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2023


We often make assumptions about why people school us about our actions and we label these interventions as judgmental. If love each other we cannot be silent bystanders. No conscious person would see another person floundering in the dark and not guide them to the light. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022

Season of Blooming

A flower blooms in all it’s radiance for a short while. We are like that flower, so in our season of blooming let’s radiate light to all life including sentient beings. ©Norma Bobb-Semple

A Happy New Year

Today bears the seed of a new beginning. We can sow seeds that brings love and light into our lives, the choice is ours. This earth has been overshadowed by darkness for too long. As harbingers of the light it is our job to cast our light on those dark caverns of this earth and […]

In Communion with Self

Life is like a candle, it burns until it is extinguished. While we live, are we in communication with ourselves as to what our purpose is and how best we can accomplish it? Youth is like summer, it is a time when we are most fertile and we can plant and reap the rewards of […]


  We can experience rapturous joy all of the time.  Regardless of the problems in our lives we can still find moments to inhale, exhale and experience the embodiment of joy.  We are an extension of the Universe, there is no separation.  Seasons comes and goes, in the same way as our lives and circumstances, nothing […]


We have to face our motivations and shine a light on them.  Are we swayed by the apparent rich lifestyle of others and as a result we hitch our wagon to theirs.  Remember things are not always as they seem.  Due diligence has got to be applied to every relationship we foster.


Creativity dwells within us.  It is our divine inheritance.  Don’t allow it to go fallow, as you use it, it increases.  Your gift does not negate the gift of another’s and vice versa.  Remember we are all contributors in this our divine experience.  Let us all be a light that exudes goodness in all the […]


Christmas is a time for reflection both personally and universally.   As we celebrate this holy holiday let’s remember those less fortunate than us and be the light to the world, in the same way as the Christ in Christmas. ©Norma Bobb-Semple 2018