Have you ever pondered on why you clothe your true intentions?  Deceit unravels like a reel of thread.  Looking at who we are and owning our antisocial and/or predatory behaviour would force us to self correct or stay on our deceptive path.  The choice is always ours to make.  Getting naked with ourselves is cathartic. © […]


Transparency has to be paramount in our everyday interaction with each other.   We have to be honest in all we say and do.    A false reality cannot be subjugated for the truth.  When our intentions are clear we operate with clarity and conviction. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020


  Promises aren’t meaningless gestures meant to be used in order to gain advantage over another person.  When we make a promise, it is a vow, and it ought to be made consciously with the intention of fulfilling it.  Our expectations beguiles us.   We tend to be more naive than self conscious, we should […]


Is our lives a testimony to our relevance or is our relevance dictated by what is trending on social media?   If we are living our truth there is no need to change our relevancy when trends change.   There are only three options:  Good intentions, nefarious intentions or non action.  The choice is ours […]