Break Free

We have to break free of our defeatist mindset.  We are all born equal with the same rights to all of the Universe’s resources.  Know who you are and that nothing or no one can take your self worth away from you.  What we are made to put up with is the greed and avarice […]

The Centre of the Storm

  It is quite different when we are away from the epicenter of a catastrophe.   We rationalize that the problem is theirs and not ours.   Since we are all in this together let’s put aside our greed and hostility and work towards the healing of this planet and it’s inhabitants. © Norma Bobb-Semple […]


    We are in arrears of the debt we owe to Mother Earth.  Instead of plundering the source that sustains us we ought to express our gratitude by putting an end to our incessant greed, taking and not sustaining.    We all die but we owe it to the next generation to leave an […]