Our Choice

We have to avoid being put into a cocoon. We are free to choose who we want to be. This universe is based on equality. The sun shines on everyone. Asking to be acknowledged is insane. We have to love ourselves unconditionally and unapologetically and align ourselves with the forces that are for our greater […]


Feeling we are better than, instead of equal to, speaks to our insecurity rather than our superiority. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021

Lifting the Veil

We have to confront the inconsistencies in our lives. We have to face our illusions about ourselves and our illusions about others. Belief and truth has nothing in common with each other. If we lift the veil that covers our eyes all lies will dissipate and the truth will be revealed. There is no higher […]


Class is a fictional ideal. Equality is the reality. We can choose to live in our imagined states or we can open our eyes to what is real and just. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021


Do we believe we are superior?   Do we employ deception in our everyday interaction with other people?  Do we believe in self entitlement?   Belief in all or some of the aforementioned should cause us to stop and reflect on how we arrived here and where we are headed to.   Life and death is […]


  The Universe does not operate on the basis of inequality.   All of nature, whether it is the sun, moon, air, rivers and the earth are working in unison to sustain us.  None of the forces of this earth acts as if it is superior to each other.   How can we who are […]


    Do we consider ourselves equal to each other or do we believe we are superior to others.  There is no status quo in this, our universal village.  We are either plunderers or peace makers.   If we cheat and rob each other because we can, in order to increase our resources, we aren’t creative, […]