Inner Circle

Our inner circle consists of those things and people who contribute to our inner peace and spiritual growth. Don’t gather obstructionist, divisive, petty and jealous energy. We are here to grow, not to stagnate. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021


  We can experience rapturous joy all of the time.  Regardless of the problems in our lives we can still find moments to inhale, exhale and experience the embodiment of joy.  We are an extension of the Universe, there is no separation.  Seasons comes and goes, in the same way as our lives and circumstances, nothing […]


  We all play a role in garnering love and compassion for each other, other sentient beings and Mother Earth.  If this world implodes, we are all toast whether we build underground bunkers  or not.    Mother Nature’s wrath is more furious than that of a fire spitting dragon.  We are minuscule participants in the […]