Freedom comes with choices, the right to live as we want to without harming anyone else. Food, shelter, clothes, medical coverage, medicine, education and jobs with fair wages are essential. If there are restrictions because of colour, creed, or race, how can we say we are free. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2023


We have to ask ourselves before deciding on what action we will take, whether it is motivated by greed, fear, intimidation or compulsion. Who we are is determined by our choices in times of adversity. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2023


If we make excuses for people who commit heinous acts do we consider ourselves pious or is it because we too carry the same despicable seeds? We reveal our character through the choices we make. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2023


Do you listen to yourself? Can you hear what your heart is saying to you? Is your heart beating on it’s own or is it strumming to the beat of your enforcer? We have the ability to choose. We can be a free thinker or we can choose to be a puppet. The choice is […]


Do we mirror who we really are, or are we counterfeits parading as the bastion of genuinity? The choice is ours as to whether we want to live an authentic life or a life that is based on lies. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022

A matter of Choice

We are on a sojourn. Picking a destination is easy but choosing the mode of transportation can impede or delay our journey. We make our choices and are therefore responsible for the consequences. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


There are always choices to be made. We can choose to be empathetic, loving and caring, or we can choose to be greedy and destructive. We are constantly reaping what we sow. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


Some of us are caustic in our words and deeds. We burn the hopes and desires of everyone we come in contact with. Being caustic is a personal choice. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


When we are alive we have to live a full live, and to live a full life we have to throw off the armour of fear. If we are living under the mask of fear we aren’t living to our fullest potential. Our life is ours to live as we choose. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022