Can we put our lives together after a chaos or series of chaoses? Yes, we can. We are capable of mending every tear in our lives. Trusting in our intuition clears the path for our redemption. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022

Doing the Work

We have got to work on our discipline, thought, actions, and beliefs. Our life work should reflect who we are. A life built on the basis of non introspection results in chaos. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


We can overcome any situation if we are constantly on guard. If we allow complacency to take a seat at our table that’s when everything becomes chaotic. Without preparation we can’t preempt. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021

Domino Effect

Knowing that the cards on the table are all stacked in our favour, and winning is non negotiable we bag the bets all the time. When there is no accountability chaos ensues. The enablers are the ones responsible for the inequity. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021


If we don’t treat everything we do on a daily basis as a ritual we would be living our lives by rote. Living unconsciously invites chaos into our lives. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021