Life is a buffet

Food tastes better when you share.    All aspects of life is worth sharing.  We share the air we breathe, the seasons, joy, sorrow, love and hatred.  We all have the same fears and the same hopes and dreams, although we might want to say otherwise.    Like a good chef let us all put […]

What I am about

I want to share through my blog how I think life’s trials ought to be dealt with. Life consists of joy, pain, hopes, dreams, health, sickness, love, greed, disappointments, loneliness and happiness, anger and pain, helplessness, loss and death. These are many of the great fears we carry around with us daily. I hope that […]


We might not want to admit it but we all suffer from one form of fear or another.   The thing to do is to confront our fears.    Make a list and write what you intend to do about ridding yourself of each and every fear.   In one column deal with the cause […]


My name is Norma Bobb-Semple, and my desire is to share with you the joys of living life in all its fullness.    A life worth living is worth sharing. I extend an open invitation to one and all to read my blog.   This is the beginning of a wonderful journey. © Norma Bobb-Semple […]