We have to form a cohesive body for the benefit of this earth. We are here to preserve, not destroy. We believe that we are owners of all species on this earth, and yet we can’t control the elements. That should cast a light on our impotence. Some of us behave like simpletons. Now is […]


The only life we are in control of is our own. No one is our serf. We need to be accountable to ourselves. We should treat people the same way we want to be treated. What goes around comes around. Immaturity leads to aggressive behaviour. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


Many of us suffer from compulsive behaviour whether it be stealing, lying or cheating. To steer clear of these shenanigans we have got to build boundaries. People don’t change because they are implored to do so. They change because of the advantages that change creates for them. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


We have to look at ourselves through our inner microscope and if we find one scintilla of evidence that our behaviours are juvenile then we have to self correct and retake our place as an adult. Our state of being is the direct result of our hypocrisy. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022


We are all teachers. The younger people are modeling our behaviour. The life we live is a testament to our character. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2022

The Invitation

We have to be selective of the people we invite into our inner circle. Regardless of how open we are about our likes and dislikes we cannot control other peoples behaviour. People would be in agreement with us but do as they please in our absence. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021


Veil and evil consists of the same letters. Being veiled hides who we are and being evil reveals how monstrous we are. In our interactions with others we should ask ourselves: Are we wearing a veil or are we an evil person. Owning who we are is the first step towards casting off the veil […]

Casting an Eye on Self

How do we see ourselves? Are we aligned with predatory behaviour? Do we see ourselves as agents of peace and harmony? Do we pay homage to Mother Earth? If we see ourselves as the only entity that matters we are in delusion and as a result we will careen towards our extinction. The Earth is […]