Build Bridges

The earth’s gravity keeps us grounded. Though we may venture to fly in a fit of anger, arrogance or imprudence know that all that goes up must come down. Build bridges instead of burning them down, © Norma Bobb-Semple 2020


  Hatred is a culture that people choose to be a part of.  When we seethe with anger, always towards someone who is defenceless how can we calibrate that as justice.  Only cowards can boast of being stronger because of the imbalance of power.  We have so much bravado and yet we can’t stop the […]

When all you do is just not enough

Photo credited to Pixabay   When you have done all you can, for as long as you can and it seems as though all you have as a result is pain and heartache it is time for you to say thanks for the lessons learned, to let go and allow grace to have its way. […]


Photo credited to Google   Anger can contort your face make you look like an alien from outer space It sets heart beating at a rapid pace Perspiration seeps down your face You puff like a steam engine does Slow down the pace before you prostrate Anger and angina are bandied together Can’t have one […]