No one stands alone We are the embodiment of this Universe There is no separation Like the sea each of us is a microcosm of the whole We are all intertwined in this world we call our own   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016  


Seven days in a week We hallow the first day – Sunday Serving platitudes of our sanctity While on the other six days handing out large quantities of bigotry and misogyny Believing that being sanctified on a Sunday absolves us of guilt and responsibility   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016


Where do we go from here Have you dared ask where Are we destined to be dust Is this our inheritance Or is there a place of respite Where we rest Where without the cloak of our mortal soul we are naked and transparent There is nothing to hide We are transient Our goal:  To […]

No Second Chance

Photo credited to Unsplash   How do I traverse this place I call home Do I meditate and contemplate every action I take   If I had two chances at life you bet I would But sad to say I often stumble and fall   Now with experience and maturity there is no denying the […]


Photo credited to Unsplash   Chest tightens Breaths are slow and heavy You are frightened It knocks the wind out of you Didn’t expect the unexpected   Was it truly a ruse Do you feel used The writing was on the wall You ignored it word for word Can’t complain The sign read:  “Beware, deceit […]


Photo credited to Unsplash   When appetite controls our actions we transform into roaming wild horses stampeding down mountains We can’t be satiated Like a tiger we are on the hunt It is a feeding frenzy destroying whatever gets in our way No remorse It is all about feeding our inflatable ego   It is […]