Life has no play book There are no decks of cards No suite of Kings and Queens Spades Diamonds Hearts or Clubs   Whether dealer or loser It all revolves around our currency Money Hatred Greed or Envy   Like a hoarder of goods greed and avarice becomes one’s bedfellow and then we bellow not […]


When what you say is echoed back to you There is no debate It’s all yea, yea It is a set up You know that   When you are told what you want to hear You believe it because you feel it is sincere It is a set up You know that   Like the […]


Weight can weigh you down If all you think of is the scale There is no middle ground Your idea of weight distorts your gaze   Weight is weighty words It is written with precision No waning or waxing It is all predestined   There is no place for fallacy Weight can be your legacy […]