Listening is astute. A good listener always has a front seat view of the drama. © Norma Bobb-Semple 2021

We all carry Baggage

We all carry baggage with us in all areas of our lives, be it as a child, a parent, a wife, or a husband. Our baggage might consist of trama, loss, abandonment, low self esteem, or on the other end of the scale, a liar and a thief. We have to be aware of the […]


  We assume because of our presumptions how people ought to behave in any given circumstance.   Situations in life doesn’t have a one size fit all solution.   People sometimes only want a listening ear, they aren’t seeking advice and condemnation.  Before we broker our advice we should ask ourselves “If I were faced with […]


    We are powerful.  It is in uncertain times like these that we need to harness the power within us.   Our seat of power is a source we can go to in good times as well as bad times.  It is place where we can receive benevolence and wisdom through the simple act of […]


    Are we independent thinkers or can we be corralled into thinking and acting in  accordance with the dictates of society.  The question we need to ask ourselves anytime a proposition is put to us is: “Does my co-opting serve my best interest”?  And the question you need to ask of those who are […]


Listen to your own counsel.  If you don’t be prepared to deal with the consequences.   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2018


Photo credited to Kiara Bobb-Semple   Serenity can be achieved  in every situation, it is just a matter of asking, listening and receiving.   © Norma Bobb-Semple 2017